Geological Services

WSGeo offers highly experienced wellsite and operations geologists from pre-spud to post well operations. Experts geologists with knowledge of worldwide fields and extensive experience of drilling operations including challenging HPHT, rank wildcat, wildcat wells, geosteering projects, long reach horizontal, deep wells, both offshore and onshore.
WSGeo field personnel are skilled at delivering all operational responsibilities, including, but not limited to the following:
Evaluating offset data before beginning drilling;
Liaising between wellsite drilling and geological teams to achieve project goals;
Analysing, evaluating and interpreting gas data and ratio calculations – GWD;
Analysing, evaluating and describing formations whilst drilling, using cuttings, gas, FEMWD (formation evaluation measurement while drilling), cores, sidewall cores and wireline data;
Comparing data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the exploration stage;
Advising on drilling hazards, formation pore pressure and drilling bit optimization;
Evaluating geological and drilling data;
GWD data reservoir modelling;
Taking full responsibility for making decisions on suspending or continuing drilling;
Advising operations personnel on site and in the operations office;
Quality Assurance and supervision of geological service companies including MudLogging, LWD and Wireline;
Supervision of geological sample acquisition, storage and despatch;
Coring, side wall coring and casing point selection;
Keeping detailed records, writing reports, completing daily, weekly and post-well reporting logs;
Final Well Report and completion logs – Log Package + DVD’s with all data recorded;
Training for graduated and/or entry-level geologists;
Thin section & core description – performed in University Laboratory – on special request – providing a final petrographic report .